Collaborator Experience

Evaluate the involvement and the whole experience of employees and managers of organizations.

  • Evaluate the involvement and the whole experience of employees and managers, seeking to retain and motivate those with the greatest contribution to organizations.
  • In this context, Qmetrics SA has established two types of partnerships with other entities with experience and complementary skills in order to develop two projects with exemption and rigor:
  • A partnership with APQ - Portuguese Association for Quality, QUAL - Training and Services in Quality Management, Lda, and APG - Portuguese Association for People Management, with the objective of developing the ONRH - National Observatory of Human Resources project ;
  • Another partnership with the communication company Tema Central in order to develop the BTL-Best Team Leaders project.


ONRH aims to position itself as a National Barometer of Employee Experience by providing participating entities with a management support tool. This tool should allow, not only to measure the employee's experience through their levels of Satisfaction, Loyalty and involvement, but also:

1. Identify the characteristics with the greatest impact on the employee's experience;

2. Compare the data relating to the variables studied with aggregated reference values ​​for all Portuguese organizations adhering to the ONRH;

3. Carry out detailed analyzes of the results obtained, including suggestions related to possible areas of improvement identified.

The BTL Project aims to allow organizations to recognize those who lead teams best in their work, assessing their skills and personality characteristics.

Qmetrics also enables its Clients to integrate the Employee and Client experience models, providing:

1. A better evaluation of the results related to each of these experiences, given the interactions between them;

2. An assessment of the impact of the investment in improving the experience of the Employee on the experience of the Client and on the profitability of the business. alignment of the Employee experience improvement programs with the Customer experience programs.

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3. (Português) O alinhamento dos programas de melhoria de experiência do Colaborador com os programas de experiência do Cliente.

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