Product Experience

Analyze consumer preferences and identify the trade-offs they make in product choices and services.


1. Design or redesign products / services that meet the needs of consumers;

2. Provide up-to-date information on what actions to implement in order to increase market share;

3. Identify the portfolio of products / services to be offered to each segment, in order to maximize the global market share;

4. Identify the determinants that influence consumers to prefer a certain product / service over another;

5. Assess the effects of price changes on consumer behavior;

6. Assess the effects of brand strength on consumer preferences;

7. Predict the market shares of new products and services and simulate market shares resulting from changes in characteristics of existing products / services or to be launched (including competitive reactions).

Qmetrics Methodology

The Qmetrics methodology is based on the most modern innovations in terms of conjoint analyis, using techniques such as adaptive conjoint analysis, choice based conjoint analysis and menu based choice for the design and (re) design of products and services. It also offers advanced market simulators that allow an easy analysis of the impacts on the preference and market shares due to changes in the characteristics of the products.

Qmetrics Methodology

Product Sheet