Brand Experience

Evaluation of the Image and Notoriety of organizations, as well as the strength of the brand and positioning in relation to the competition.


1. Identify the image attributes that best characterize the organization and are most relevant to the formation of the global image from the customer's point of view;

2. Understand which image attributes are of the highest priority taking into account the business strategy and market positioning;

3. Realize which main factors or attributes may contribute to the organization's shortest distance from the “ideal” positioning from the customer's point of view;

4. Create a benchmarking system between the various companies and / or relevant segments in the market, which allows to obtain the positioning and distance between them and in view of the “ideal”;

5. Identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with the image, quantify the strength of the brand and measure levels of notoriety;

6. Identify the relevant measures to improve the image or reposition the market;

7. Segment the market according to the characteristics of the various brands and experiences they provide to their customers.

Qmetrics Methodology

Based on the most modern techniques of factor analysis and correspondence analysis, Qmetrics allows the quantification of the brand strength and its benchmark with the competition, as well as with the market ideas.

Qmetrics Methodology

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