Management Message

Organizations currently recognize the importance of a positive experience for both their customers and their employees who, together with the shareholders, constitute their main stakeholders. These positive experiences translate into high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty and employee involvement and are indispensable for all organizations, be they companies or public service entities.

The methodologies available until recently did not allow to adequately measure such intangible assets, evaluate the return on investment in improving these assets, or even know the impacts of organizations' decisions on these assets.

Qmetrics, founded in 2000, seeks to fill these gaps by offering a solution to these difficulties, based on methodologies that allow for a rigorous measurement and quantification of these assets and their effects on business dimensions. In this way, Qmetrics' mission is to contribute to the competitiveness of companies, supporting them in the supply of products and / or services that meet customer preferences, allowing them to have a positive experience and, consequently, improving their satisfaction. leads to greater loyalty. In fact, customer satisfaction and loyalty are advanced indicators of the organization's financial profitability, so a fundamental contribution of Qmetrics is to allow determining the drivers of the business with an impact on profitability.

As resources, Qmetrics makes use of modern methodologies, international best practices and a team of renowned specialists, national and foreign, committed to technical rigor and the excellence of the services provided. The collection of data, made from several channels, but always with high rigor, constitutes an indispensable requirement to be able to provide an excellent service to its customers, here being the reason that was at the base of Qmetrics to have created, in 2007, the Qdata - Data Collection and Processing (

Qmetrics is proud to be able to count among its customers, leading companies in its areas of activity and will do everything to continue to deserve your trust, establishing with all its customers a true partnership relationship.

Pedro Simões Coelho

Pedro Simões Coelho